Thursday, 9 February 2012

Lab 3: Haptic Communication

This lab was completed by 'Aidin Mirsaeidi' and 'Huan Li'.

In this lab, we chose to complete a sketch which we can also use for our project's first iteration (which will be explained in next week's in-class demo). Here, we try to mimic a breathing pattern by using a servo and a styrofoam blade attached to it. This device is shown in the figure below. In this sketch, we also grounded the servo so that we can have control over the movement of the blade.

We wrap this device in a zip lock bag and wrap a soft piece of cloth around it in order to offer a delightful touch sensation to the user and hence create a live haptic device. The intensity of the breathing pattern is controlled through two sensors: 1. potentiometer and 2. temprature sensor. The sensing mechanism can be alternated by pressing on a digital/push-button sensor. This can be demonstrated in the follwoing video:

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